Trekking through Costa Rica is an eco-adventurer’s dream come true

Trekking through Costa Rica can be one of the best ways to see the country; these slow paced tours ensure that you catch site of even the most elusive animals, birds, and insects. Hidden waterfalls, steaming hot springs, mysterious cloud forests, and lush, green, hiking trails are just the icing on the cake when it comes to the adventure and discovery you’ll enjoy on a trek through Costa Rica.

At Costa Rica Green Adventures, we love hiking, biking and running almost as much as we love nature and thrilling discoveries; thus, we’ve designed the best trekking tours for Costa Rica’s unique environment, which is teaming with flora and fauna.

Ecologic Sustainability is also top on our list of important travel elements; for that reason, we have a little extra love for these trekking tours, because we know that touring Costa Rica’s beautiful jungles, beaches, rivers and waterfalls, on foot, lends to a slightly lighter step on the ecological footprint of our Costa Rica journey.

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