In the morning this free-tour: Bites and Sights

Unmask the beauty and culture of contemporary Costa Rican life on this San Jose walking tour in the morning that takes you through the busy streets, bustling markets, and tranquil parks. Discover a side to this city only heard from the mouths of locals, while indulging in typical cuisine and one of Costa Rica’s most delectable exports – coffee.

In the afternoon : Beer Tour

There’s a beer revolution going down in Costa Rica! Craft beer is here in a big way, and this San Jose beer tour is out to prove that by showing you just how crazy locals are over their beer, and plying you with samples so you understand the phenomenon on a first-hand basis.

  • Highlights :

    • Discover the secrets behind handicrafts, herbal remedies, and fresh produce at Borbon and San Jose Central Market
    • Become a mixologist of natural Costa Rican drinks and an expert on more than 30 local exotic fruits and vegetables
    • Savor several tasty seasonal samplings of Costa Rica as well as its famous organic coffee
    • See a side of San Jose known only by locals and not found in guidebooks
    • Explore San Jose’s Barrio Escalante and its collection of awesome local pubs
    • Experience the Costa Rica craft beer revolution first-hand
    • Sample some of San Jose’s best local craft beers in the microbreweries where they’re made
    • Dive head first into local pub culture, discovering which watering holes are most beloved by locals
    • Indulge in perfectly paired Costa Rican tapas dishes


  • Local English speaking guide, food samples in the markets
  • 8 small beer samples (approx. 4 oz each), Costa Rican tapas pairings.

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